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2018-05-01 Restaurant Dining How-To: Fitting Restaurants into your Meal Plan None
2018-03-22 Recipe Roundup None
2018-03-07 Foods to try in 2018 2
2018-02-08 Staying Hydrated During the Colder Months None
2018-01-19 Non-Dairy Milk None
2018-01-11 News Roundup: New Year None
2017-12-21 Holiday News Roundup None
2017-12-12 How Therapy Can Cure Overeating None
2017-11-17 News Roundup: New Blood Pressure Guidelines None
2017-11-10 News Roundup None
2017-11-07 The Connection between Lack of Sleep and Dementia None
2017-09-09 Why “Natural” Doesn’t Always Mean “Healthy” None
2017-08-22 Back to School None
2017-08-16 News Roundup: Nutrition and Preventative Health None
2017-08-01 Choosing the Right Carbs None
2017-07-27 News Roundup: Ditch the Diet Soda? None
2017-07-20 News Roundup: Artificial Sweeteners None
2017-07-18 The Impact of Sleep Apnea on Soldiers None
2017-07-12 News Roundup: Aluminum Foil None
2017-07-11 Summer Workouts None
2017-07-03 Healthy 4th of July None
2017-06-29 News Roundup: The Effect of Alcohol on the Heart and Brain None
2017-06-28 PTSD: Myths None
2017-06-22 News Roundup: Coconut Oil None
2017-06-20 First Day of Summer None
2017-06-07 Healthy Snacks for Travel None
2017-05-31 News Roundup: Microwaved Mushrooms None
2017-05-26 Things to Remember about Memorial Day None
2017-05-25 News Roundup: New Fruit Juice Guidelines for Babies None
2017-05-22 May is National Military Appreciation Month None
2017-05-18 News Roundup: Avocado None
2017-05-16 News Roundup: Military Spouse Appreciation None
2017-05-01 News Roundup: Reflecting on Month of the Military Child None
2017-04-18 Flavors of Spring! None
2017-04-13 News Roundup: Sleeping on the Job None
2017-04-11 Can too much Exercise be Harmful? None
2017-04-06 News Roundup: Mental Health None
2017-04-04 Fuel for Fitness: How to Power Up for a Workout None
2017-03-30 News Roundup: Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet None
2017-03-28 What is Mind/Body Exercise? None
2017-03-20 What are the Biggest Myths about Sleep? None
2017-03-07 Daylight Saving Time 2017 None
2017-02-28 How to have a Healthier Mardi Gras None
2017-02-24 News Roundup: Panic Attacks None
2017-02-09 News Roundup: Food Costs None
2017-02-07 How can Mindfulness Meditation Benefit my Physical Health? None
2017-02-05 Game Time Tips None
2017-01-23 Super Food Series: Part 7 None
2017-01-17 What is Gluten and Why are so Many People Going Gluten Free? None
2017-01-11 Stages of Sleep None
2017-01-05 News Roundup: DoD Health Experts Want Troops to Cut Back on Energy Drinks None
2017-01-03 Staying Active in the Winter None
2016-12-15 The Difference between Portion and Serving Size None
2016-12-06 Sugar Vs. Added Sugar None
2016-11-30 Maintaining Gratitude None
2016-11-29 Can Dehydration Happen in Cold Weather? None
2016-11-15 Which Peanut Butter is Best? None
2016-11-07 Adjusting Sleep (and other health behaviors) to Daylight Saving Time None
2016-11-03 The Facts on Pumpkin None
2016-11-01 5 Ways Family-Friendly Ways to Stay Active this Fall None
2016-10-25 How to Sleep Better in the Fall None
2016-10-18 Healthy Tailgating None
2016-10-10 APFT Prep from Guard Your Health 5
2016-10-04 The Occupational Physical Assessment Test (OPAT) 2.7
2016-09-29 News Roundup: Weight Stigma Awareness Week 2016 None
2016-09-20 5 Healthy Recipe Substitutions None
2016-09-14 News Roundup: Hidden Sources of Added Sugar None
2016-09-12 Scents for Relaxation None
2016-08-31 News Roundup: Recommendations for Added Sugar Intake for Teens and Children None
2016-08-29 Microgreens None
2016-08-09 Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mindful Meditation: What’s the Difference? None
2016-07-26 Army H.E.A.L.T.H.'s Guide to Greens None
2016-05-12 News Roundup: FDA Redefines "Healthy" Label None
2016-05-11 4 Ways to Get Motivated If You (Think You) Hate Exercising 5
2016-05-05 Mother's Day 2016 None
2016-04-25 Top 4 Fitness Myths None
2016-04-19 Protein-Packed Meals and Snacks None
2016-04-14 News Roundup: The Dirty Dozen None
2016-04-11 You are what you eat, BUT... None
2016-03-31 News Roundup: Stress Reduction None
2016-03-29 Juicing/Detoxing: Do This Instead 1
2016-03-24 News Roundup: Spring Clean Your Kitchen and Your Diet None
2016-03-24 Preparing for a Ruck March None
2016-03-08 Reduce Stress with Mindfulness None
2016-03-02 News Roundup: National Nutrition Month None
2016-02-25 News Roundup: Ways to Incorporate Vegetarian Meals into your Diet None
2016-02-22 The Healthy Vegetarian Diet: What You Need to Know None
2016-02-19 News Roundup: Cellulose in Cheese None
2016-02-08 Monitoring Sleep with an Activity Tracker: Things to Consider None
2016-02-03 News Roundup: The Effect of Electronic Devices on Sleep None
2016-02-02 3 Ways to Integrate Mindfulness into your Work Day None
2016-01-26 What happens to your body during a juice cleanse/detox? None
2016-01-21 News Roundup: 2016 School Lunch Bill None
2016-01-19 Trying to eat healthier in 2016? Try adopting these easy and realistic habits None
2016-01-12 The Best Bedtime Routine for Adults None
2016-01-07 New Dietary Guidelines None
2016-01-06 News Roundup: Cold Weather Workouts None
2015-12-10 News Roundup: Avoiding Holiday Stress None
2015-12-07 Take Care of Yourself this Holiday Season None
2015-12-02 News Roundup: Added Benefit of Breastfeeding for Mom None
2015-11-24 Gratitude for Thanksgiving None
2015-11-18 News Roundup: Supplement Crackdown None
2015-11-16 Staying in the Moment None
2015-11-09 Veterans Day 2015 None
2015-11-05 News Roundup: New Study Labels Sugar "Toxic" None
2015-11-03 Cook Once, Eat Healthy All Week None
2015-10-26 6 Tips for a Healthier Halloween None
2015-10-26 News Roundup: Processed Meat Classified as Carcinogenic 2
2015-10-26 News Roundup: Processed Meat Classified as Carcinogenic None
2015-10-20 Health Benefits and Risks of Alcohol None
2015-10-15 News Roundup: Third Female set to Graduate Ranger School None
2015-10-12 Three Common Habits that may be interfering with your Sleep None
2015-10-07 News Roundup: Excess Sitting None
2015-10-05 The Effect of Alcohol on Sleep None
2015-09-28 5 reasons to shop the inside aisles (Not just the perimeter) None
2015-09-21 What is considered physical activity and how much do I need? None
2015-09-17 News Roundup: National Family Meals Month None
2015-09-14 Organic Vs. Natural: What's the Difference? None
2015-09-08 3 snacks you should make yourself, & 3 you should buy pre-made None
2015-09-03 News Roundup: McDonald's Offers All-Day Breakfast None
2015-08-31 4 Habits to Live By: Something Is Better than Nothing None
2015-08-27 New Roundup: The health effects of eating too much sugar None
2015-08-25 Reshaping Your Environment: Get the most out of your space None
2015-08-11 The Truth about Coconut Oil None
2015-08-06 News Roundup: The Health Risks of Sitting All Day None
2015-08-04 Hydration: Myths and Truths None
2015-07-30 News Roundup: The effects of Soda on the Body None
2015-07-28 6 Ways To Get More Fruits And Vegetables Into Your Diet None
2015-07-23 News Roundup: Consequences of Sleep Deprivation None
2015-07-21 Choosing the Healthiest Sushi: What to Order and What to Stay Away From None
2015-07-16 News Roundup: High Fat Diets None
2015-07-14 Feel Less Stressed & Have More Free Time: Techniques for Strengthening Time Management Skills None
2015-07-07 The Mindful Soldier None
2015-07-02 News Roundup: Reduces Cost & Boosts Sales None
2015-06-30 Sweet Alternatives to High Sugar Foods None
2015-06-25 News Roundup: General Mills Phasing Out Artificial Colors and Ingredients None
2015-06-23 The Significance of 10,000 Steps per Day None
2015-06-19 Father's Day 2015 None
2015-06-18 News Roundup: Father's Day 2015 None
2015-06-16 5 Eating Habits You Should Drop & What to do Instead None
2015-06-11 News Roundup: Phasing Out Trans Fats None
2015-06-04 News Roundup: Healthy Food = No Artificial Ingredients + Healthy Contents None
2015-06-02 Tips to help non-morning people get out of bed None
2015-05-28 News Roundup: Mindfulness None
2015-05-26 Healthy Eating on a Budget None
2015-05-21 News Roundup: Sleep Deprivation None
2015-05-19 5 Scientifically Backed Ways that you can Benefit from Mindfulness None
2015-05-14 News Roundup: Mindfulness Practice Reduces Stress None
2015-05-12 The Ideal Gym Bag: What to Bring & What to Leave None
2015-05-05 Your Brain on Cardio None
2015-04-30 News Roundup: Pepsi's Trade of Aspartame for Sucralose may Boost Sales, Not Health None
2015-04-28 How Do I Choose the Right Off-Base Gym? None
2015-04-23 News Roundup: The Month of the Military Child None
2015-04-21 Young Lives, Big Stories. April is the Month of the Military Child None
2015-04-16 News Roundup: KIND Bars Are Still Healthy None
2015-04-14 6 Quick & Healthy Meals None
2015-04-09 News Roundup: Listeria Outbreak None
2015-04-07 Tired of running on a treadmill? Switch it up! None
2015-04-02 News Roundup: National Walking Day 2015 None
2015-03-31 5 Reasons Why We Love Body Weight Workouts None
2015-03-26 News Roundup: The Child Nutrition Act None
2015-03-24 8 Ways to set up your Kitchen in Support of Reaching and Maintaining a Healthy Weight None
2015-03-17 8 Healthy Food Swaps None
2015-03-12 News Roundup: Preparing for the APFT None
2015-03-10 Preparing for the APFT None
2015-03-05 News Roundup: Sleep Awareness Week 2015 None
2015-03-03 Decoding the 2015 Dietary Guideline Recommendations None
2015-02-26 News Roundup: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2015 None
2015-02-24 Athletic Shoes 101 None
2015-02-19 News Roundup: Mindfulness None
2015-02-12 News Roundup: How to Have a Healthier Mardi Gras None
2015-02-05 News Roundup: Updated Sleep Recommendations None
2015-02-03 The Mediterranean Diet: Good for Health, Good for Life. None
2015-01-29 News Roundup: One Month In- How Are Your New Year's Resolutions Holding Up? (Hint: Try SMART Goals If You Need Some Help) None
2015-01-27 To Self-Monitor or Not to Self-Monitor None
2015-01-22 News Roundup: 2015 Fitness Trend Forecast None
2015-01-20 Superfood Series: Part 6 None
2015-01-14 Superfood Series: Part 5 None
2015-01-07 Ditch the Resolution and Resolve to be SMART 5
2014-12-16 News Roundup: Exercise in Colder Weather None
2014-12-10 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain None
2014-12-04 Mindful Eating None
2014-11-25 Seeing the Glass as Half Full: It’s a Practice None
2014-11-19 Diabetes: What You Need to Know 5
2014-11-11 Veterans Day 5
2014-11-05 5 numbers that can Improve your Health and Fitness None
2014-10-29 Superfood Series: Part 4 None
2014-10-22 The Marshmallow Test of Life: A Lesson in Willpower and Self-Control None
2014-10-15 Superfood Series: Part 3 None
2014-10-08 Health Food Phonies (and what to eat instead) None
2014-10-01 Superfood Series: Part 2 None
2014-09-24 Overweight & Obesity Stigma: Shaming Helps No One None
2014-09-03 Ultimate Diet Comparison None
2014-08-26 Superfood Series: Part 1 None
2014-08-22 Grocery Guide 5
2014-08-18 Depression None
2014-08-06 Omega Fatty Acids None
2014-07-23 A Calorie is a Calorie Myth None
2014-07-02 Your Brain on Sleep None
2014-06-27 Navigating the Buffet None
2014-06-18 Sports Drinks None
2014-06-11 Physical Activity vs. Physical Fitness None
2014-05-28 Fat is Not the Enemy None
2014-05-21 Caffeine: What to Look for & Stay Away from 4
2014-05-14 Army H.E.A.L.T.H. and the Performance Triad None
2014-05-09 An Ode to Military Moms None
2014-05-08 What is the Army Performance Triad? 5
2014-04-10 Army H.E.A.L.T.H. has Arrived! None


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