News Roundup: Weight Stigma Awareness Week 2016


Weight Stigma Awareness Week is September 26-30. The annual online event is hosted by the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA). The 2016 theme, Teaching Kids the Truth, will revolve around kids’ perceptions of weight bias and body image, and include personal narratives from adults discussing why it’s important to model healthy behaviors around developing minds and bodies.

This week’s news roundup brings to you a collection of blogs and articles related to Weight Stigma Awareness Week 2016.

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Comment On Someone’s Weight. Huffington Post. “Additionally, It’s sad to me that people will approach someone that they haven’t seen in a long time and the first comment that they think to make is about the individual’s weight. What if instead you asked them about their passions, their relationships, and how they are doing in general? There are so many more important and interesting things to focus on than a person’s weight or eating habits.”

Raising Body Positive Kids in a Body Negative World – WSAW 2016. BEDA. “Role modeling can be tough.  Often adults who have been raised and conditioned by society to have crappy self-esteem and body image are trying to raise kids with high self-esteem and body image, and that can be very difficult to do. I think that one of the best things that we can do for the kids in our lives is to work on ourselves, starting with the way that we talk about ourselves.”

What is Weight Stigma? BEDA. “How are individuals stigmatized? Comments regarding body size. Stereotypes leading to rejection, prejudice, and discrimination…”

Plenty to Lose in Discussion of Weight and Self-Esteem. The NY Times. “Make healthy food shopping and eating a family affair, not a punishment that singles out your overweight daughter. She will model your behavior. Same with exercise: a fun game of tag, for everyone, encourages physical activity without shaming her. You aren’t responsible for our weight-obsessed culture. But you do bear responsibility for how your child moves through the world.”

5 Ways to Move Past Body Hatred. “Sometimes we unintentionally surround ourselves with people who mirror our inner critic. Being around people who constantly focus on what they, we, or others are lacking is a serious downer. Think about who makes you feel good, accepted and appreciated for WHO YOU ARE NOW.”



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