News Roundup: The Month of the Military Child


Each April we celebrate military children for the important role they serve in the Armed Forces community. The Month of the Military Child brings to our attention the many resources available specifically for military children and awareness of their special needs.

This week’s News Roundup brings you a collection of articles and blog posts discussing the Month of the Military Child.

10 Things Military Teens Want You To Know.  National Military Family Association. “Did you know nearly 95 percent of military teens don’t attend Department of Defense schools? Only about 35 percent of active duty military families even live in military housing. Though children of service members are part of the unique military culture, they spend most of their time in the local community. They play sports, join clubs, and even see doctors in your neighborhood. Also, there are more than 700,000 National Guard and Reserve kids who might never live on a military installation. These families look within their community for friendship and support.”

2015 Month of the Military Child: “Their Lives, Their Stories”.  U.S. Army MWR. “The Month of the Military Child observance is an opportunity to thank children for their support to their military Family and recognize the importance of their role in strengthening the military Family. MOMC gives leaders a chance to reaffirm their commitment to the Total Army Strong initiative which ensures excellence in schools, childcare and youth services and a strong supportive environment and quality of life programming in which children can thrive.”

Resources for Military Families.  U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity.  “DoDEA joins the Department of Defense and the military community in celebrating April as the Month of the Military Child. Throughout the month, DoDEA will encourage schools to plan events that recognize and show appreciation for our military children. We know that military children face many challenges that are unique to their situation, such as having a parent deployed for extended periods of time and moving frequently. Deployments and family separations can be stressful times for children.”

Month of the Military Child Recognizes Young Family Members.U.S. Department of Defense.  “Community outreach initiatives include partnerships with the Department of Agriculture and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s 4-H youth group to promote “Purple Up!” On April 15, Thompson said. Students, school sports team members, teachers and community leaders will wear purple as a visual tribute to military children.”

#PurpleUp! Reasons Why It’s Cool to Be A Military Kid. DODlive. “Why purple, you ask? According to the group Operation Military Kids, purple symbolizes all branches of the military by mixing Army green, Marine red and the blue that represents the Coast Guard, Air Force and Navy. While military kids do sacrifice a lot, they also have some pretty impressive traits and get some cool perks…”



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