News Roundup: Sleep Awareness Week 2015

March 2-8 is Sleep Awareness Week. Sleep week brings to attention the importance of getting enough sleep for both mental and physical health.  Additionally, sleep week  offers many tips for getting both a better quality and quantity of sleep.

This week’s News Roundup brings you a collection of articles and blog posts discussing Sleep Awareness Week 2015.

How to Get on a Sleep Schedule.  “You won’t be able to change your sleep schedule overnight. The most effective tactic is to make small changes slowly. If you’re trying to go to sleep at 10:00pm, rather than midnight, for example, try this: For the first three or four nights, go to bed at 11:45pm, and then go to bed at 11:30pm for the next few days. Keep adjusting your sleep schedule like this. By working in 15-minute increments, your body will have an easier time adjusting.”

Improve Sleep to Improve HealthHuffington Post. “Regularly getting a full night's sleep can reap many health benefits, including weight loss and stress management. In contrast, getting too little sleep can cause us to eat more than we normally would and increase our tendency to choose unhealthy, higher calorie foods, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Not surprisingly, this pattern can lead to weight gain.”

The solution to most sleeping problems: mindfulnessQuartz.  “Counter-intuitively, the way that mindfulness may influence sleep is not directly through relaxation—because mindfulness is about waking the body up and becoming more aware. By learning to become more aware of present-moment experiences, we learn not to react to thoughts and worries that can interfere with sleep.”

How Much Sleep Should You Get? New Recommendations ReleasedLiveScience. “Too little sleep has been linked with health problems, including obesity and high blood pressure, as well as decreased productivity and drowsy driving, the NSF says. Too much sleep has been linked with health conditions as well, including heart disease and premature death.”

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