News Roundup: Panic Attacks

Recently a very popular television show, “This Is Us” aired an episode showing a character on the show having a panic attack. The internet was quick to respond, with many people stating that they appreciated the realistic depiction of what it is like to have a panic attack.

This week’s news roundup brings a collection of articles related to panic attacks, how to tell if you are having a panic attack, and how to help someone having a panic attack. 

This Is Us’ touches on the issue of panic attacks in recent episode.  TODAY. “About 6 million adults in the U.S. experience panic disorder in a given year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. On the show — don't worry, we won't spoil anything major — Randall, played by actor Sterling K. Brown, experiences a panic attack, also sometimes called an anxiety attack.”

How to tell if you are having a panic attack. US NEWS.Anyone can experience a panic attack, anxiety specialists say, although people who suffer from these sometimes don’t recognize the source of their discomfort. Panic attacks are easily explainable – and with the guidance of a physician or therapist, they’re also treatable.

How to help someone who is having a panic attack. NEW HEALTH ADVISOR.  “Anyone who has experienced a family member or friend with a panic disorder knows first-hand how disrupting and frightening the episode can be. Knowing how anxiety impacts their life, you want to be supportive, so here are some suggestions on how to help someone having a panic attack.”




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