News Roundup: Nutrition and Preventative Health

This week’s news roundup is a collection of health articles focusing on nutrition and preventative health.

Pro tennis players’ good habits are prolonging their careers. The average athlete can learn from them. The Washington Post. “Now the gym is so much more than just performance. It’s maintenance, preventative stuff, corrective stuff, just health stuff.”.

Brain Food: How Eating Well Impacts Your Brain. Huffington Post. “We all know the impact eating well has on our bodies, but what about our minds? Eating well means more than just feeding your stomach, but feeding your head too.”

Gym-going seniors are benefiting from more than exercise. The Washington Post. “Perhaps unsurprisingly, studies have linked strong social relationships to a longer life span. The problem is that social connections, the ties that bind us to our community, slowly weaken as we age…That’s why many find the health club a good place to strengthen social bonds.”

When Sports Injuries Lead to Arthritis in Joints. The New York Times. “In the rush to get back in the game, whether as part of a team or elite sport or simply a cherished recreational activity like jogging or tennis, it is tempting to short-circuit the rehabilitation needed to allow the joint to heal fully. But adequate recovery, including rehab measures aimed at strengthening structures that support the injured joint, is critical to maximize its stability, reduce the risk of reinjury and head off irreparable joint damage.”

Changing your perspective about weight loss may change the outcome, too. The Washington Post. “We want to support individuals in creating long-term behavior change and enjoying the experience. Typically, if people think they’re on a diet, it rarely sticks for the long term.”

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