News Roundup: Mindfulness


In recognition of Mindful May, people have been talking about mindfulness all month long. Benefits of practicing mindfulness include reduced stress and achieving a healthier weight, to name a few

This week’s News Roundup brings you a collection of articles and blog posts related to the benefits of practicing mindfulness.

The New Surgeon General's 4 Rules for Health. Vox. “Third is making sure I’m focusing on my emotional and mental well-being. For me, an important part of that is the meditation practice that I do every morning. It’s a chance for me to center myself, a chance for me to remember who I want to be every day.”

Your Best Day Every Day: The Potential of MindfulnessHuffington Post. “You see, mindfulness isn't about perfection or reaching some artificial standard. It starts -- and continues- - with the simple daily decision that you want to become aware of what's really going on in you and in your life. Once you're firm in that intention, you just need to make an authentic effort to wake up to what is. That's the practice, and it might be easier than you think. Some people do 45 minutes a day. Some do 10 minutes. But the duration is far less important than doing it regularly.”

Reduce Stress and Improve Health in 6 Easy “Practice acceptance. Maybe your neighbor has more money, your brother's children outdo your children, and your best friend has a much more supportive family than you do. It can certainly be difficult to accept some things in our lives. But, it's valuable.  It's important to accept the things you can't change and move on.”

The Mindful Approach to Food. Dallas Morning News. “Slow down. Don’t multitask while you eat. “When you’re distracted, that’s when you tend to eat more,” Albers says. Don’t eat so fast. Slow down enough to savor your food; eating with your non-dominant hand can help. “It takes a lot more effort and thought. And it automatically slows you down.”


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