News Roundup: Mindfulness



Not so long ago, mindfulness was not very well known or understood. Thanks, in part, to an ever expanding body of research, we continue to learn more about the many mental and physical benefits of mindfulness. 


This week’s News Roundup brings you a collection of articles and blog posts discussing mindfulness.


Mindfulness Training Improves Resilience Of Active-Duty SoldiersHuffington Post.  “According to a new University of Miami study, a brief mindfulness meditation exercise aimed at staying focused on the present moment can help active-duty soldiers prepare for combat, improving performance and cognitive resilience.”


Escape The Emotional Eating CyclePsychology Today.  “Acceptance techniques teach you how to allow yourself to feel a normal range of human emotions while focusing on engaging in behavior that is consistent with your goals and values, without trying to change or control your emotions. In other words, acceptance skills help teach you how to get a little more comfortable with being uncomfortable.”


Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You Fall (And Stay) AsleepHuffington Post.  “"According to our findings, mindfulness meditation appears to have a role in addressing the prevalent burden of sleep problems among older adults," the study's authors wrote.”


This is Your Brain on Mindfulness Training. Futurity.  “By understanding how mindfulness training affects different diseases and disorders, researchers will be able to develop better interventions, know when certain treatments will work most effectively and identify people likely to benefit from mindfulness training.”



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