News Roundup: McDonald's Offers All-Day Breakfast


McDonald's recently made the announcement that they will sell breakfast all day.  While breakfast lovers rejoice, health experts are sure to not share this same reaction. Whether eating fast food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, research shows that eating fast food more than twice per week is linked with many adverse health outcomes. It can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance, and depression, just to name a few.


According to the National Institutes of Health, some fast food meals give you a whole day’s worth of calories. That can really pack on the pounds, and being overweight is a risk factor for a variety of chronic health problems.


This week's news roundup brings to you a collection of articles and blog posts related to fast food and the health effects of eating too much fast food.


Fast Food May Lead To Lower School Results For U.S. Kids, Study ShowsHuffington Post. “Eating fast food may lead to lower student test scores in math, science and reading, a recent study of U.S. school children said. A survey showed that fast-food consumption by 8,544 fifth-graders forecast lower academic achievement in eighth grade, according to the study published in Clinical Pediatrics.” 


Regulations may make kids' fast food meals healthierBusiness Insider. “If a proposed new policy in New York City is approved, then fast food meals that come with toys would contain fewer calories overall, and fewer from fat and sodium, researchers report.”


Healthy fast food? It’s possible, provided you follow these steps.  Gateway. “Choose more grilled, lean meats. Lastly, load the sandwich or wrap with vegetables. Different vegetables contain different vitamins, so the more variety the better. If using sauces, go for vinaigrettes instead of creamy ones, as these tend to be lighter in fat content.”


Rejoice, an All-Day Breakfast Menu Is Headed to McDonald’s.  Cheat Sheet. “By pushing forward with this plan, McDonald’s will be matching the offerings of some of its competitors. Other fast food restaurants, like Jack In The Box, already have such offerings, and by providing it, McDonald’s will also have all-day options that more closely resemble those from competitors like Starbucks and Panera Bread.”

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