News Roundup: Exercise in Colder Weather

Colder temperatures don’t have to stop you from exercising outside. Cold weather exercise can be beneficial for the mind and body. Exercising outside ensures that you’re getting a daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun-which can help combat seasonal affective disorder and depression. Additionally, your body has to work extra hard to regulate its core temperature when you’re in colder weather, thus, boosting your overall fitness just a little bit more.  

This week’s News Roundup brings you a collection of articles and blog posts with tips and benefits of exercising outside. 

7 Big Benefits of Exercising Outside This Winter. The Huffington Post.  “Cold weather also makes the heart work harder to distribute blood throughout the body. For an unhealthy heart that struggles to manage the additional stress, this process can exacerbate illness and injury. But a regular exerciser with cardiovascular endurance can make their heart muscle even stronger with these cold-weather sessions, better preparing the body for more strenuous workouts in the future -- not to mention other non-exercise stresses in life.”

Winter Weather Exercise Tips. Runner's World. “Snow and ice can make things very dicey. When you do run or walk, don’t worry about how fast or slow you’re going. Just get into a rhythm that feels easy and comfortable.”

How to Dress for Winter ExerciseAbout Health.  “The base layer is in contact with your skin. A tight fitting and wicking material is best to keep you warm and dry. Polypropylene, silk, polyester, Thermax, Thinsulate, and wool are all good choices Avoid cotton because it traps moisture, so it stays wet and draws heat from you.”

9 Tips for Exercising in Winter WeatherLiveScience. “Just because it's not hot out doesn't mean that you can cut down on your water intake during a workout you can become dehydrated in cold weather too, the Mayo Clinic warns. Drink plenty of fluids before you head outside, and be sure to bring some along with you in a reusable beverage container. Skip sugary or caffeinated sports drinks, and load up on water instead.” 

This winter, don’t let the cold stop you from reaching your fitness goals. If you properly prepare and listen to your body along the way, you’ll be able to exercise outside all winter long…and reap the benefits all year long. 

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