News Roundup: Avoiding Holiday Stress

During the holiday season, it’s easy to let stress get the best of us. But, with a little preparation and practice, reducing stress levels can be done.

This week’s news roundup brings to you a collection of articles related to reducing your stress during the holiday season.

Reduce Stress in Your Office This Holiday Season. ““The end of the year is a good time to stop and be grateful,” says Gibbs. Take some time to reflect on the previous year and celebrate the accomplishments of your team. Expressing gratitude to employees who have helped you achieve your goals can help give your team the motivation they need to move into the next year with high spirits.”

How to Beat Holiday Stress With Mindfulness. Huffington Post. “Anything that we do can be turned into a meditation. Whether it's decorating the Christmas tree, or preparing a meal, you can use it to beat stress. All you have to do is perform the activity with deep awareness. As with mindful breathing and walking, slow down and focus your attention on what you're doing, instead of allowing your mind to wander off."

Manage your Holiday Stress. Boston Medical Center. “Between entertaining guests, hosting parties, picking out the perfect present, cleaning, and baking – the holiday season can put a lot of added pressure on us. It’s easy to forget that these are days to savor and enjoy!”

Holiday survival guide: Staying sane amid the stress. USA Today. “Perhaps the best way to cope with holiday stress is to mind your behavior. Mostly, be kind to yourself. "Make healthy choices to reduce stress levels," says Mike Kelly, CEO of On Call International, a travel risk management provider. "Don't indulge in an airport drink or road trip latte, as flying and traveling dehydrate the body. Stay as active as possible, taking frequent breaks when driving long distances, or stretching during a flight."


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