Mother's Day 2016

Military moms come in all varieties. Those who wear the uniform themselves and those who love someone who serves. Those who are new to the job and those that are well seasoned. Whether Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine…Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserves, they all share a special bond: serving or loving someone who serves our country. It may be challenging at times, but military moms do the job well. They are leaders that demonstrate courageous and selfless service as proud mothers.

Military Moms Are Proud.

She wears the uniform with pride. She knows what it’s like to sacrifice time away from friends and family. She is proud to serve her country and help protect her loved ones. She is honored to answer the call of duty. She is proud to be a Soldier.

She flies the American flag high at her house and has a yellow ribbon on her car. She beams with pride when speaking of her Soldier. Through all the hard times, she is thankful for their loved one’s sacrifices. She is proud to love her Soldier.

Military Moms Are Patient.

Maybe she will be home with her loved ones for Christmas, maybe not. She never knows how long it may be in between visits and phone calls to her loved ones. Patiently waiting to make that next call, email, or text can seem like an eternity, especially when she is deployed.

Maybe she will get a call on Mother’s Day from her deployed spouse, maybe not. And when she misses a phone call it can really tug at her heart strings. But, because she has patience, she’ll wait and savor every moment together when she has it.

Military Moms Have Big Dreams.

She wants to provide a good life for her child and be a dependable female role model for her loved ones. She wants to be a strong leader and refine her skills and talents. She wants to travel the world and make a difference.

Moms of Soldiers are excited for the opportunities that the military offers their loved one. Traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, and learning how to be a strong leader are just a few of the things she wishes for her Soldier. She knows the military can take her loved one to places she’s only dreamed of visiting. She also thinks about all of the dangerous places they could go too.

Military Moms Are Multifaceted.

Whether making plans for her daughter’s birthday while on TDY or rushing home between PT and morning formation to get her son on the bus, she wears many hats. 

She can be both “mom” and “dad” while her spouse is away. She can be house-keeper, chef, bedtime story reader, lawn mower, and fix-it repair woman. She is a “jack of all trades”.

There are a lot of uncertainties in military life and military moms know how to fill any role when required. They often pull double duty when they or a loved one are called away. The are strong, resilient, and able to adapt to any situation.

Military Moms Are Brave and Courageous.

They know the risks and share the worries of all other military moms. Whether they serve or love someone who serves, military moms have one of the most difficult jobs on earth. They are brave, they are kind, they are resilient.


Military Moms face many challenges including being separated from loved ones, high career demands from their job, and frequent moves. Through it all, they are strong and with the many traits mentioned above, they are remarkable leaders and role models for their children.


On this Mother’s Day, we want to say thank you to all military moms for their love, support, and sacrifice.

Happy Mother’s Day from Army H.E.A.L.T.H.!

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