Foods to try in 2018

It seems like we are always looking for better ways to eat well and quick fixes for our long-term goals. However, some of the best methods of healthy eating are the ones that have been around for decades and some new food trends capitalize off revamping some of our tried-and-true favorites.


Food trends come and go, but sometimes new things are just updated versions of others. This year consider adding more plant-based protein to your diet. Veggie burgers are a great way to do this and new varieties and flavors are hitting the shelves every day. Another good source of vegetable protein is edamame. Whether you prefer eating it as a snack from the pod or throwing some out of the pod in a stir fry, it’s an easy way to boost your protein intake.

Back to the Basics

Other food items to try include classics with a twist! We all know vegetables are nature’s one-stop shop for most of your dietary needs. Try adding these into your diet in the form of veggie pasta by using a spiralizer to make noodles out of your favorite vegetables. Whole grains are also a dietary staple. Go for grains with added power foods such as chia or flax seeds to boost up your fiber and protein intake.

Old Meets New

The past is meeting the present today also through the farm to table movement. This so called “slow food” effort aims at linking local farmers to consumers in their community. Not only do consumers benefit from foods grown nearby and at a lower price due to elimination of the middle man, but consumers are supporting local business and farmers. These local foods can also be crafted into artisan goods such as wine, olive oil, and vinegars.


So- when heading out to the grocery store this year, consider purchasing updated versions of old classics, or head to a local market instead to check out what your neighbors have to offer. Here are three specific new things to try this year:

  1. Up your vegetable protein sources
  2. Try a spiralizer
  3. Shop at your local farmer’s market (slow food)

You may find new things to try that were near all along.

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