5 Ways Family-Friendly Ways to Stay Active this Fall

The end of Summer doesn’t have to mean the end of outside activities. There’s still plenty of things you can do to stay active as family. Getting outside is also an excellent way to help transition your sleep cycle from one season to the next. Check out the list below for some ideas!

Go on a scavenger hunt

This one takes a little preparation but it’s worth the pay off! Kids wills exercise their mind and body as they figure out clues and search for the next object. You can keep it cost effective by using household items (e.g. plastic cup, shoe, washcloth) and making the “prize” for the winner an activity rather than a material thing. For example, the winner of the scavenger hunt could be allowed to pick out a healthy dinner for the whole family to eat.

Join a family fitness class

Family fitness activities are often offered at your local gym (e.g. the YMCA) or community center. Some ideas are mom/baby yoga, family yoga, and stroller jogging clubs. Charity 5Ks, such as Turkey Trots, are often family-friendly and offer age-appropriate events (e.g. 1-mile fun run/walk). If you don’t have a gym membership or local community center, just make your own class! Find a local park and pick up a game of volleyball or basketball or go on a family walk/run together.

Family Olympics

This is a fun one that exercises your creative side as well as your body! You can include extended family and make it a big event or you can easily keep it small and just include your immediate family. Either way, set aside some time to brainstorm events. Think wheelbarrow race, sack race, water balloon toss, and many other events, which are inexpensive or don’t require props at all. Family Olympics are a great example of how to make physical activity fun. Check out this blog for more ideas.

Rake leaves (to jump in…of course!)

This is a win-win for parents. The kids have fun racking leaves and jumping into them…and the parents get rid of all the leaves in their yard! All the while everyone is getting their heart rate up and having a good time. You can take it a step further and buy trash bags which look like jack-o-lanterns, and voila, you now have fall decorations.

Take an after-dinner walk

Taking a walk after dinner is one of the best ways to help digest your food, lower your blood sugar, and spend time together as family. If your kid(s) isn’t fond of walking, let them ride their bike or scooter while the adults walk. This is also a great opportunity to ask your children about their day. Many parents find that their children are more likely to open up and share their feelings if you ask them about their day while they are engaged in an activity (e.g. walking).

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